Planing & project management

We start with a first conversation and an idea. We move on to planning, construction, production, installation, budget control and finishing the project. At the same time we also pay attention to small details of (trade show) hospitality like providing coffee spoons. In the end everything gets neatly packed and stored away – until you need it again. That’s what holistic means to us.


For IMA construction is an essential part, a key competence for working with wood and metal, and also for handling all three business lines (trade shows, stores and presentations). For us, design is first and then comes construction. We are always looking for constructive solutions that help us to economically turn design into a perfect product.


IMA has developed its own in-house control system. We use it to coordinate business operations between different departments and people, like our designers, production, and operations, for the perfect organization of every project. We still use a planning board because it makes things clear and for everybody to see. For a positive and successful project development we always focus our activities on the deadline. This helps us to be up to date.