Messestand_Montage_Holz_GlasBlick ins Lager der IMA mit Transportkiste auf Stapler zur Einlagerung im Rahmen des Full-Service für Messebau, Ladenbau und Präsentationen.

The services we offer in Germany are the same like the ones we offer in other European countries and all over the world. That’s what we mean when we say that we do it all from one single source: design, planning, construction, wood, metal, glass, surfaces, logistics, and storage. This way we can live up to our one-single source motto. Everything is controllable. Simply perfect. 

Our services in short:

Absolute perfection

We mean it: controlling processes, monitoring their many details and successfully handling new requirements gives us the assurance we need.
Advertising activities
All services are part of our portfolio because we follow a holistic approach, always true to our one single source philosophy. Already at the design stage we communicate closely with the respective agency. During production we work with experts on digital print, silkscreening, as plot or media technology.
We have always recorded every project in detail, also according to the quality of the services provided. For us it is a perfect learning opportunity to continuously improve our work. For your benefit.
A successful project starts with an outstanding design and architecture. Our creative team proves this to themselves, to us and to you, time and again with every new project and in all areas: trade shows, stores and presentations.
A good start leads to a perfect assembly and disassembly. It is a matter of teamwork and precision, naturally.
Since we have our own workshops and offer all services from one single source we take a particular interest in the machines we use for metal and woodwork. At IMA they are state-of-the-art CNC machines. They are just perfect and can be operated in two shifts, if required.
Combining two materials: wood and metal
Possibilities are endless, especially when all material combinations can be processed in our own workshops, under one roof. Materials communicate with each other and benefit of it, just like the people at IMA.
For IMA construction is an essential part, a key competence for working with wood and metal, and also for handling all three business lines (trade shows, stores and presentations). For us, design is first and then comes construction. We are always looking for constructive solutions that help us to economically turn design into a perfect product.
IMA has developed its own in-house control system. We use it to coordinate business operations between different departments and people, like our designers, production, and operations, for the perfect organization of every project. We still use a planning board because it makes things clear and for everybody to see. For a positive and successful project development we always focus our activities on the deadline. This helps us to be up to date.
Conventional booth construction
Every project is unique and individual: it may be conventional or eccentric, single- or multilevel, meant to be assembled only one time or more often. IMA will also find a unique solution for you.
Corporate philosophy
The core idea of our philosophy is the complete handling of projects from the beginning to the end, customized, reliable and of high quality. IMA always offers holistic solutions. Everything from one single source. 
Cost transparency
At IMA quotations and invoices are itemised in detail and are issued punctually. This provides transparency and generates trust.
Customer benefit
We use wood and metal, alone or in combination, but always in our own workshops and under one roof. From the planning of a project to its realization.
It doesn’t matter who does the design - IMA, our customer or his agency - we implement all specifications creatively, individually, and on time. Always in close cooperation with all parties involved.
Past and present projects are carefully documented. They are accessible at any time for getting information and making comparisons. Whatever your question may be, we got the answer. Our memory is perfect because we record every detail, as both, pictures and product description.
Expert consultation
This is what everybody claims, but we mean business: the focus is always on a particular request which may be yours and which leads us to an individual, appropriate and cost-effective solution. See also Limbform.  
Fleet of vehicles
Using our own fleet of vehicles is part of our holistic approach to logistics. This way we are absolutely reliable and arrive on time at the exhibition center. For you, your appearance, your booth, your products and exhibits.
Flexible choice of material
It doesn’t matter if it is wood or metal or a combination of both: it is all right here under one roof. We choose the most economic processes and ways of production. Always with the best quality and your benefit in mind.
From one single source
We do it all ourselves: planning, construction, production, wood-, glass- and metal work, surfaces, organization and logistics. This way we can live up to our one-single source motto. Everything is controllable, everything is possible.
Glass accentuates the transparency of steles, exhibits, glass text plates, outdoor advertising and special presentations like single system modules. It is clear, it can be used flexibly and it is highly esthetic.  
Graphics and advertisement
We take a holistic approach to your task. We design, plan, organize, and produce the graphic and advertising part of it. We work with reliable partners and always in cooperation with your communication department or agency. 
Handling of exhibits
IMA prepares, constructs and builds exhibits. We even use a special design to make a cutaway or functional model. This way everything is perfect for your appearance at a trade show, for your store or for your presentation. We also take care of all issues related to logistics, transport, and storage. Also see “road show”.
To fulfill special customer requests we work with high-end, CNC, BAZ construction software and provide comfortable internet communication platforms. We work in a state-of-the art environment. We thought we just mention it because you know what we are talking about.  
Holistic project handling
We start with a first conversation and an idea. We move on to planning, construction, production, installation, budget control and finishing the project. At the same time we also pay attention to small details of (trade show) hospitality like providing coffee spoons. In the end everything gets neatly packed and stored away – until you need it again. That’s what holistic means to us.
IMA, that is: one brand, three companies and all workshops under one roof:
IMA International GmbH (creative work)
Heinz Will GmbH & Co. KG, workshop for furniture and interior construction (wood)
3-D Workshop for Metal Processing GmbH & Co.KG
In short: IMA stands for 50 years of experience and an area of 13,500 sq m.

IMA Dachmarke_3 Firmen_Werkstätten Holz-Metall

turns possible
International assembly

You can rely on us being on our way – and always in touch with the project management. In Frankfurt, Hannover, Paris, New York, Tokio, Oslo or Moscow. 
Keeping deadlines

We always try to finish our work a lit bit sooner than agreed. This way we can meet even unforeseen requests on time. It is our experience and certainly yours too that there is always something coming up. Punctuality is part of perfection as 
regards design, production, logistics, assembly and disassembly.


is a design principle developed by IMA. Put differently it means „Form follows emotion“. It sounds good and is one of our unique selling propositions. It also serves as the basis for our target group directed development of trade show booths, stores and presentations.
We first identify the target group, analyse their preferred behavior and develop design forms that trigger emotions. We believe that more emotions equal more attention. This way we capitalize on the effect of the limbic system. For you and your success.


These days logistics is vital to any business. First there is the entire project organization and then comes our own fleet of vehicles. Both get us from A to B and from here to there.

FurnierFügeMaschine_Produktion WerkstattDisplay_Serienfertigung_Schweißen

Manufacturing possibilities

We offer everything from one single source and our own workshops: wood, metal, or its combination, plus color, surface treatment and glass. Everything is cost-effective and perfectly coordinated. For your benefit.

Media technology

We should keep the explanation of this aspect short and sweet. Also in this area we work together with most efficient business partners who, like us, believe in high performance.  


IMA processes metal in form of steel, stainless steel and aluminum, and in different surfaces like stainless steel, powder coating and paint work. For making samples, developing prototypes, for single items and for serial production. Metal always makes a clear statement, be it in a flagship store, a display or a piece of presentation furniture. Our competence relies on our 1500 sq m workshop for processing metal.
Next-door to production

Creative and productive people work hand in hand. They are next-door to our workshops, but also to our logistics department. This way they can easily monitor all project preparations. Close cooperation, lean project organization, and construction geared to production processes. This is how we save time and money. For you.
One single contact
Regardless how complex your project may be, at IMA you will always one contact person. He or she knows your ideas, the requirements, the numbers, the entire project, also the one from before. We care for your project all along: from its development to its realization, from its assembly and disassembly to its way to the warehouse.
Being an owner-managed company, IMA guarantees personal contact, quick decisions and consistency.
Ideas, sketches, drawings, visualization, virtual rooms, prototypes, and simulation. First we design the perfect presentation, and then we get down to work.
Processing metal
Just another job for specialists: latest CNC machinery, high-speed and flatbed scanners, laser die cutter, bending bench, welding robot, MIG/MAG, WIG welding.
All our solutions come from one single source, our source. The entire production chain is located under our roof, under our own control, handled by our own staff and done with our own machines. Our state-of-the-art production covers 4500 sq m and we have about 9000 sq m available for professional warehousing.
Project responsibility
Every customer has his own contact person who is responsible for the project. This is also part of our one single source philosophy. Worldwide.
We hold ourselves to the highest standards of quality. Just as we do with the materials used in carpeting, lightning, media technology and furniture. Simply with everything.
Customer satisfaction is key, of course. Only when we hear our customers say that they can always rely on IMA we are truly satisfied. Many of our customers have been with us for over 15 years. That really says it all and makes us happy.

Internetportal_Exponate Lieferung_Roadshow

Using our own internet platform we help our customers to prepare their appearances and we make sure that everything is delivered on time. Back and forth, wherever that may be: to a customer’s site, a small fair, to business events at a hotel, or a trade show. In Germany, Europe, or even China.  IMA takes care of it all, and all from one single source.
Serial production
Working with wood and metal we develop and make prototypes, single units, or even serial production (small and large scale) for our customers. For trade shows, stores, and presentations.
There are just a few things which we don’t do ourselves, like media technology, statics, trade show hospitality, graphics, advertising. But they are carried out by absolutely reliable sources, organized and monitored by IMA.
IMA employs 70 people and all of them are experts, from our designers to our craftspeople. Among them are 11 interior architects and constructors. They all stand for creativity, professional and trouble-free processes. They face all requirements with combined strength.  And of course, we also promote young talent.
At IMA we lacquer surfaces in our own workshop: for trade shows, stores and presentations, in high-gloss, semi-gloss or textured. Lacquer protects and enhances the appearance of wood, metal, glass or plastic. In flagship stores, displays and furniture, of course. We can fulfill our customers’ requests also at short notice. 
System integration
Systems make sense and are important. We always find an individual and customized solution, with or without a system. For planning and construction we use standard system modules made by Mero and Syma.
Trade show service support
In addition to the construction and assembly of a trade show booths we also take care of the equipment – that is, of every detail. Should it be your request, we provide our services on site at the trade show – again, in every detail.
We train young people and promote their talents. We have done this for years and not just since doing so became the talk of the day.
In a nutshell: Holistic approach, quality and reliability.
Our 9000 sq m warehouse allows us to store it all: entire stands, products, exhibits, single elements, pictures, advertising banners and graphics - until you need them again.
IMA works with a mix of sheet materials: MDF, Multiplex, core boards, decorative chipboards, veneers and solid wood. Wood simply has a nice feel to it, it’s versatile and flexible. It is an absolute must for trade show constructions and shop fittings, displays and flagship stores.
Wood processing
In our 3000 sq m workshop we use state-of-the-art HOMAG machines, we work with a machining center (BAZ), and in close contact with our project management. That means, we constantly monitor the progress of the project. Like we said, it is all under one roof.
We provide the same services in Germany, all-over Europe, and worldwide.
The letter X is not a simple one. In German we say that some people try to make you believe that the letter X is actually the letter U, meaning they are trying to fool you. We just don’t do that.
Y like yes. Just followed by Z. Maybe you can think of something else.

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