Aufbau von Messebauelementen (weiße Design-Theke, mehrfarbig lackierte Vitrine vor schwarzem Wandelement) in der Werkstatt/ Lager der IMA.

IMA always uses one single source for everything: be it our creative work or the production in our own wood, metal, and coating workshops. We organize national and international trade shows appearances all around the world, from Frankfurt to Moscow.

Aufbau von Ladenbauelementen (schwarze Wandvitrine mit Zebrano Ausstattung für Shops) in Werkstatt, Lager mit weltweiter Versandmöglichkeit der IMA.

We do stores, too. They range from flagship stores and shops to individual showrooms in New York.


We take care of your presentations in the most diverse forms and media. We cover it all: developing a presentation piece of furniture, building a prototype, and offering serial production. We do this for functional models, displays and also road shows. Of course, all from one single source.   

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