Messebau Monteur beim Aufbau eines System- Beleuchtungsträger für konventionellen, Individuellen Messestand.

Every trade show project is unique and individual: they range from conventional to eccentric, single to multi-level, one time use only to repeated assembly. Nevertheless, when it comes to trade shows and other events we also think in terms of systems and we use our experience. We always go for a creative and individual solution concerning design, planning and production. We focus on our customer, his requirements, and the exhibits. They should inspire the audience, attract all visitors and just be a bit outstanding.


Events of course have a different scope. They can serve presentation purposes inside the company, or be part of permanent showrooms, easy to arrange touring exhibitions, shows at a hotel, and complex tradeshow booths that are designed to give the impression of a gallery or a museum.  

Messestand_Montage_SystemInternationaler Messebau_eigene Werkstätten

In the area of trade show construction we naturally put a stronger focus on systems because they make sense and are important. With or without using construction systems we always find an individual and customized solution. Your trade show appearance should be recognizable, without always being the same. Planning your booth we consider adaptations in terms of size, different trade show locations and cities. You can be sure that also for you IMA will find a unique solution. In between trade show times we store everything away in our 9000 sq m warehouse.  

Internetportal_Exponate Lieferung_Roadshow

For our customers’ performance during a road show we prepare and punctually delivery exhibits by using an IMA developed Internet platform. There and back, wherever you need to be: at your customer’s site, at small exhibitions, at hotels, or at trade shows. In Germany, all over Europe, and even in China. We take care of the complete process, and everything comes from one single source.

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