For presentations we develop and bring to life displays, presentation furniture, and functional models. From unique pieces to serial production. This is how we convey the right image: Outstanding displays invisibly take shoppers by the hand, leading them directly to the product range. This way they project the company image and the product features. They inform, confirm and convince customers of its uniqueness.

Planung_Beratung_Messe-Laden-DisplaybauInszenierung Exponate_Display_Messebau

We bring our customer’s requests to life, in small and big numbers. In wood and metal. For trade shows, stores and presentations. Serial production (big and small scale) but also unique items. Big projects start with a sketch, followed by a 2 or 3 dimensional virtual construction, the architectural model, and finally the prototype. This simulates alternatives or different variations. First there is the perfect presentation and then we make it real.

Kreativ_Entwurf Planung Gestaltung_Shop-in-Shop

Showrooms are like love at first sight and the word show almost says it all. Nothing is left to chance. Not the lightning, nor the layout of the room or the way exhibits are arranged. We go for great content, great show and great success.

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