IMA entwickelt neue Messe-Auftritte kreativ und immer mit einer Idee.
IMA plant und inszeniert Unternehmensauftritte für Messen, Stores, Präsentationen.

IMA develops new appearances. Our designs are both, creative and innovative. The products we plan and stage always reflect our customers’ corporate identity. We are committed to financial transparency and deadlines.

Konstruktion von Displays in Holz und Metall für Messebau, Ladenbau, Displaybau

At IMA we develop specialized and individual products together with our customers. They range from trade show booths, to flagship stores and displays. All well-thought out, everything from one single source and perfectly organized.

IMA beim kreativen Denken, Entwickeln von innovativen Konzepten für ein perfektes Projekt.

Our creative ideas, the development of innovative concepts and the design of our products have a clear goal. We go for complete process control, monitoring all details and perfect production. Every day and with every new challenge. For you and a perfect project.  

Plantafel_Organisation_Team Steuerung

A systematic processing of each project, its analysis and its perfect control gives us the assurance we need and helps us to achieve our goal.  We can follow-up on all procedures and all data are available – all the time.   

Tischler mit Präzisionsblick über produziertes Holzelement für Messebau, im Hintergrund die Kantenstraße in der Werkstätte für Möbel und Innenausbau der IMA.Prüfung mit Winkelmesser Laser- Kantteils_Display_Serienfertigung IMA Metall-Werkstatt

We are not just creative but also quick, reliable, and precise. That’s IMA and their staff.

IMA Team beim zielgruppenorientierten Entwerfen von Messeständen, Shops und Displays.

„Form follows emotion“ sounds good. Limbform is one of our unique selling propositions. It also serves as the basis for a target group directed development of trade show booths, stores and presentations.
First we identify the target groups and analyze their preferred behavior. Then we use our knowledge to develop design forms that trigger emotions, capitalizing on the effect of the limbic system. We believe that more emotions equal more attention. For you and your success.

Symbolfoto für Limbform® - „Form follows emotion“
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