The services we offer in Germany are the same like the ones we offer in other European countries and all over the world. That’s what we mean when we say that we do it all from one single source: design, planning, construction, wood, metal, glass, surfaces, logistics, and storage. This way we can live up to our one-single source motto. Everything is controllable. Simply perfect.

Design & architecture

IMA develops new appearances. Our designs are both, creative and innovative. The products we plan and stage always reflect our customers’ corporate identity.


A successful project starts with an outstanding design and architecture. Our creative team proves this to themselves, to us and to you, time and again with every new project and in all areas: trade shows, stores and presentations.


It doesn’t matter who does the design - IMA, our customer or his agency - we implement all specifications creatively, individually, and on time. Always in close cooperation with all parties involved.

Next-door to production?

Creative and productive people work hand in hand. They are next-door to our workshops, but also to our logistics department. This way they can easily monitor all project preparations. Close cooperation, lean project organization, and construction geared to production processes. This is how we save time and money. For you.